Things I Believe In

One of the biggest reasons I write is to practice thinking and begin to build some layer of conviction surfacing both my principles and decisions. A few months ago, I jotted down a few of the philosophies, really broad ones, that I strongly believe in. I wanted to take a few moments to rehash these thoughts and better define what they mean to me, today, near the end of 2018.

Here are the main ideas I wrote: 

  • Togetherness: The idea that we can become stronger than I. 
  • Incentives: Guiding rules for how and why the world works. 
  • Kind>Nice: Seek long term relationships that value doing the right thing over how to win friends and influence people. 
  • Momentum and Compounding Returns: Unlock compounding returns by chasing vertical momentum. Make tomorrow 2x today.  
  • Harmony = ∞: Ego and empathy are humanity’s superpowers 
  • Meritocracies: The truth should always win and those who seek the truth should be rewarded. 
  • Underdogs: Challenge the status quo and fight for what is right. 

Looking back, I think these few principles are things I really do believe in. I do not see them as controversial, though they are somewhat nuanced in my opinion. 

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