The Loop of Procrastination

Though the term may be new to you, I think we are all familiar with what I am calling the “loop of procrastination.” It starts as soon as you open your device. You open Instagram. Scroll. Scroll again. And then switch to Facebook. Scroll. Then Snapchat. Scroll. Then Twitter. Scroll. Then you check your text messages. And back to the beginning. 

It is this infinite loop of procrastination that sucks up our days. The cycle is not memorable. It is not particularly interesting. Most people, when asked, will say they do not even enjoy it!! 

The casinos in our pockets are taking all of our money. We are hopeless gamblers…searching for social validation…searching for some rush of endorphins.

Breaking this loop is hard. It is like breaking any habit.

Over the past few months, I have made a purposeful effort to avoid being sucked into this endless cycle of wanting more…

I deleted Instagram.

I turned my phone black and white.

I turned off most push notifications.

I know I can do a better job…but really…it has been super impactful to just try living in the moment more and avoiding falling into the endless trap that is the cycle. 

My next big upgrade is to not bring my phone into my bedroom. That…that will be super impactful. 

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