On Punctuality

If I am late to something, hold me to it, judge me. Ah. Ok. (s/o to Jeremy)

I alawys strive to be on time. Perhaps I place a special, irrational importance on it, but I highly value punctuality. I do not think everyone needs to hold this high standard — it is just the way that I think about it. You do you. It’s my promise, that I will always strive to be on time — actually early.


Perhaps another topic, but to me, impressions are everything. Every interaction you have with another person is part of an impression. Of course, with people you have known for a very long time — you need not worry as much about impressions (that is why I really like hanging with old friends). But for everyone else, you are constantly being judged.

People hate that word judged.

Oh me? I don’t judge. Never.

Yeah, sure.

Consciously, subconsciously — however it is people are making assumptions (sometimes right) about you and your life. So every movement, expression, thing you utter plays a role. Of course, some more significant than others.

Before I continue, you may be thinking…”Who cares what other people think?”

That is a good perspective. Do what you care about and it does not matter if people really disagree.

But the truth is that you need other people, to be on your team (so that you can get big rings, lolz).

You need to make other people feel good. You need to be nice. (Oh the irony, I am trying, I care!).

Let’s go back to punctuality. It matters a lot because it shows how much you care. Punctuality is a direct sign of priority. How big of a priority the thing you are trying to do or who you are trying to meet will dictate where it lives in your mind. It dictates whether or not you will show up late or on time.

If you were about to meet the President or whoever is a big name…would you be late?

Have a good day 🙂