Drowned in Details

I have always been a proponent of mastering the little things. I think that little nuances and complexities can differentiate success from failure. I have seen, first hand, that doing the little things, over a really long period of time, compound into really big things and that this process ultimately can get you to where you want to be.

Lately, I have been spending a good amount of time with my school work, deep in the details of my Finance and Computer Science courses. And while nothing is at "rocket science" level quite yet, I cannot help but ask myself sometimes...how much detail is necessary? 

We argue about little numbers and rates and complexities...but to what end do these changes and nuances truly make a difference? 

Rarely in school do we bring everything back out to the big picture. 

We drown in details...numbers...formulas...

For what reason? 

The answer is often that we need to understand the "hard way" before we can jump out to the easy way. I wonder how long that mentality will hold true.

And if it is a truth...and that you truly need to spend the time using "brute force" mechanisms to get your answers before they show you the heuristic/shortcut, when will students start falling behind from only using technology to get their answers? 

When will using tech to learn actually become a disadvantage? 

Or will it never...and we will learn that many extraneous details were actually just a waste of everyone's time.