Exploring Notion

I am always looking for ways to improve my workflow, cut out inefficiencies, and maximize my time. The other day, my friend Valentin told me about his “setup” on Notion and how it has really helped him stay organized and productive. This is by no means a paid sponsorship or advertisement – nor a comprehensive review. 

I’ve decided to move my “entire life” into Notion and here’s why: 

Notion is an “all-in-one workspace” that combines functionality for note-taking, task management, and scheduling.

I’ve tried dozens of note taking and productivity apps in the past. My favorites have been Evernote, apple notes, and “stickies.” I have tried Asana, trello, google notes, and many many more. 

But now I’m going all in on Notion. 

This is my home-base…I’ll continue to share and perhaps record a video tour of it in the future. 

I think this move will pay massive long term dividends. 

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