I wish I read more history. I think there are so many fascinating/interesting stories that we can learn from. I also think that so many ideologies are being replicated in today's society that are actually just products of other people's ideas from years ago.

I also think it is important we do not forget the past. There are many horrific events that we cannot afford to forget.

I recently followed this Twitter account.  

It retweets the 2nd World War as if it were happening on this day in 1939 and for 6 years to come. 

It reminds you of the events that took place just 70 years ago.

How hard is it for you to empathize with that world? 

A world torn apart by radical ideologies? By evil. 

How far have we come? 

Are we much different? 

Could we ever go back to that world?

Are we better now?