What Did People Do Without IPhones

The Millennial’s Dilemma

What Did People Do Without IPhonesThe Millennial’s Dilemma

The Millennial’s Dilemma

This is kind of a serious question kind of not. But really, when is the last time you walked into a coffee shop, a classroom, the gym?!?

Everyone (me included) is on their phone all of the time consuming some form of information. Everyone is snapping, tweeting, Product Hunting, giphying, the list goes on and on. Could you imagine going without instagram for a day? Ending your snapstreak?

We are products of our cellular devices and cannot live without them (not that this is a bad thing). We are dependent on our Netflix subscriptions and skype accounts for survival. And every step we take in this direction takes an ounce out of the human element of communication.

I wonder…what did coffee shops look like 15 years ago? Did people actually talk?!? About what? Life? Fun? Stories? What about classrooms in school? Did people actually, god forbid, learn?! And at the gym…Did people actually work out (without taking a picture of themselves)?

I am all for technology and this satirical piece is more of a thought exercise for me — a reality check. I, like many, stare at a screen for a large portion of the day (like right now)…but it is always important to remember that our most valuable asset as human beings is our ability to communicate face to face. And while technology is assisting us in our large endeavors, it can distract us from utilizing our asset.

So give me a call (wait no)…send me an email (oh no)…ummmm. Find a way to get in contact with me (smoke and flares normally works) and we will find a time to uber (nooo) walk to a local coffee shop!

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