Getting Better At Design

Over the past few months, I have slowly been investing more of my time in improving my technical ability to design things. 

While I am still far from great, I "think," that I have been slowly making progress. 

I use Sketch for Mac and have been primarily doing user experience design. I have been focused on basic web design. 

I find that I really enjoy thinking through user experience and funnels - mentally, it helps me understand user journeys better and build better products and experiences for customers. 

I think getting better at design will be super helpful to me longer term, as a I continue to experiment with ideas and see how they would look. 

While I am not confident enough yet in my ability to be running with my design skills and charging clients or building lots of my own stuff, perhaps one day soon that will be possible.

Until then...I will keep practicing, heads down. 

I wish they taught this kind of stuff more in school. Perhaps they do and I am just in the wrong classes.