How do you get momentum back?

At a fundamental level, I believe building companies is all about momentum. I write about the two kinds of momentum (external and internal) here

I am fascinated by understanding ways in which people instinctually get their momentum back. We all hit road blocks in life. The question that is most important to me is what is your natural tendency immediately after getting hit - hard. 

What do you do when you get dramatically turned down? What do you do when you wanted something so so badly and it did not work in your favor? How do you get your momentum back?

Some of us cope in isolation. We need to be alone. We need to sit by ourselves. We need to sleep it off. We need to think to ourselves.

Some of us write everything down. We do a "brain dump" onto a page and just go for it. Writing things down can help us clear our mind and make sense of what to do next.

Some of us, I think I am in this boat, have a bias to overcompensate when things go bad. We just start doing. We do tons of things. We spread ourselves thin - but we just start going. We make up for our "loss" by doing more than ever before. 

We all have our own instincts that help us "come back" when we are hit down hard.

I think that companies do too.

When companies lose momentum, it's employees must find ways to get their mojo back. What can they do?

They can start testing lots of new ideas. They can hone in on existing ideas and try to refine them. They can do lots of marketing. They can build lots of new products. They can talk to customers. They can fire everyone. They can blame the bosses. They can take things more seriously. They can be pessimistic.

There is so much they can do.

The question is what will they do?

Inevitably, the down turn will come? You must not only be prepared to embrace the hit, but rather be prepared to bounce back. Faster. Stronger. And better than before. 


Startups are all about momentum.