Defining the New Age of Marketing

Preparing for a Landscape Dominated by Stories

Defining the New Age of MarketingPreparing for a Landscape Dominated by Stories

Preparing for a Landscape Dominated by Stories

The best marketers leverage data to make educated decisions on how to best build experiments, test their strategies, and iterate over ideas. We’ve seen this mentality applied time and time again across a number of popular social, direct, and referral channels all over the marketing space.

Enter Stories.

In 2012, Snapchat disrupted the world of media marketing head on with the creation of a new way to share content in a unique, optimized for mobile video form they called Stories.

Today, over 300 million stories are shared every single day. They are quickly becoming the best way for consumers to create, share, and consume content that aligns with their tastes and preferences. But it’s not just on Snapchat. We’ve also seen Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp hop on this trend. The world’s top brands and influencers are going all in on Stories too — investing millions and millions of dollars to create content that appeals to this new age audience.

The problem, however, is that there is no data around “Story Marketing.” Unlike other marketing channels, where there is an abundance of tools and resources that can help you be successful, stories are a new beast.

At Storyheap, we’re committed to providing that context that helps YOU, as well as the best brands and influencers, manage their stories and gain insight into how they can do better. With analytics and publishing tools, you can 10x your understanding of what works and what doesn’t and become a leader in this emerging space.

We know we are not the only ones excited about the future of social media. We want to hear what you think and how you feel about brand marketing with Snapchat and Instagram! That’s why we are not only creating this awesome platform that can help you manage and analyze your stories (sign up for a free trial today!), but also more content that provides color and transparency on how you can grow your brand’s influence!

The Storyheap Blog will be a collection of authentic and unique perspectives on Snapchat and Instagram Marketing from some of the world’s top influencers and brands. Expect a ton of interviews, tips, hacks, strategies, stories, and more that will help you level up your brand.

We’d love to get you involved and on the blog! We want to interview YOU! It’s a super simple process where you get to share your thoughts on Snapchat/Instagram marketing ~ drop me an email: and I’ll send over some questions. We’ll promote the piece everywhere and make sure you get credit for your thoughts 🙂

Help us define this new space and revolutionize the world of storytelling!

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