A theme that I keep coming back to in my head is this idea that most Americans suffer from loneliness. I think there is an epidemic across the country, as most individuals lack sources of support, motivation, and feedback. Being lonely is absolutely terrible. 

At the core, I believe loneliness is about ego and insecurity. I believe we escape loneliness by accepting ego, by accepting flaws, and by rejecting lies. 

I do not play naive romanticist in claiming that this is a problem uniquely present in our society. In fact, I would make an assertion that loneliness has plagued mankind for thousands and thousands of years. Farmers are lonely and have been. Factory workers are lonely and have been. Software engineers are lonely.

I do, however, believe that modern tools (social media) has amplified “images of inequality” such that feelings of “missing self-worth” and “true depression” are more conveniently activated and apparent. It is extremely convenient to compare your own identity to that of others. 

People suppress depressing thoughts on loneliness in a variety of ways. I think eating fatty foods and scrolling through news feeds is a particularly prevalent and terribly unhealthy antidote.  

I certainly care a lot about this problem. 

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