Until It’s Gone Syndrome

“Until it’s Gone Syndrome” is the pseudo-psychological term describing the phenomenon that occurs with many aspects of life that we so often fail to appreciate until they are gone. I kind of made up this term, but surely you can relate to this idea.

I find it easy to take for granted the simplicity and fluidity of life. Only when we break down its individual components, does the magic and brilliance become stark and clear.

Personal health is one such aspect of life that is very hard to prioritize until it escapes you. When you are healthy, it is hard to sympathize with someone dying in the hospital. When you are healthy, the last thing you could imagine is having a heart attack. When you are able to walk, you never think about living in a wheelchair. When you can speak, you can never imagine lung cancer.

But then one morning, you wake up. And just like any other morning, you go get your pancakes from the freezer. Except this morning, you are sick. You are old. And you want your healthy body again.

Yet you cannot get it, because you never prioritized health.

While that may be a sad, grim story, it is the reality with many aspects of life (albeit emphasized dramatically in those few paragraphs). It is hard to appreciate the value of being healthy until you are sick.

It is hard to appreciate the value of going to school until you are a dropout. (though this may be argued).

It is hard to know just how much you will miss your family and their support until you leave.

The list goes on and on…but what I see is a lesson on appreciating the little things today such that, in the long run, the big things get the attention from you that they deserve.

I also like this quote: