Flipping a Switch

I find the easiest way to escape and tackle sadness is to simply start being happy. It sounds stupid simple. But it works (for me).

I think a lot my anxiety (and thereby sadness) begins to accumulate when I bottle my emotions deep into my own head. This can be a valuable exercise, but it is also a dangerous hole to dive down.

I find that simply zooming out and taking a deep breath, looking for happiness, and seeing the world half full, literally changes everything.

What I have realized, or at least convinced myself, is that my mental state is in my control. I cannot let external forces tell me how to think or decide how to spend my time.

It is my time. It is my happiness. I should be able to control it.

This all sounds very fluffy but I find the simplicity of “flipping a switch” and just starting to be happy is actually a very strong first step.

I am writing this now, when in a relatively good state of mind, so I need to look at this again when I know I am in a bad mood. Easier said than done!