Where Can We Experience Solitude?

I am an optimist in that I believe investing in technology is a high-potential path towards building an awesome future! I also, though, recognize the drawbacks that have arisen out of modern society.

One of those is this idea that we have invented tools and platforms to remove “the feeling of being alone” from our day to day lives. We are never really alone anymore, yet we always feel lonely.

We have supercomputers in our pockets. We can message anyone in the world at anytime. We can search for any piece of information whenever we feel like it.

It is this tempting void that we have made sooo accessible (for so many of us) that we are now realizing solitude, in fact being lonely, is actually a very important part of life.

Where can we be alone nowadays?

Where can we sit and think?

Not listen to podcasts. Not write. Not tweet. Not instagram or snapchat or play clash of clans.

Where can we exist? s