Uncovering Truth

Is the world better off with accessible truth? What I mean by that is the world better off when there is universal access to information?

I think this is a fascinating philosophical question that drives my interest/passion for uncovering truth.

In its current form, I think the world hides the truth from the people. This happens both vertically and horizontally across the globe. In every industry, workplace, team – there are secrets. Secrets are friction.

Some secrets are good, right? Privacy is good, right? We should be able to keep secrets. I think that is a core freedom.

But some secrets are the only source of truth. And when we do not have a verified source of truth, then we resort to fluff. Fluff is lies. Fluff is not the truth.

Fluff is when the media optimizes for clicks. “Fake news” obviously comes to mind as the proliferation of lies. But often it is not so obvious. Often, it is far more passive. Cultural. The biggest lies are what absorb the masses.

The biggest lies are the ones we all believe in. They tell us what is important. And who should matter. And what we should care about. They cover the truth.

I think, in the long run, the truth will always win. Technology will bring us to a fairer and more accessible world where truth drives returns. Not secrets. Not borders. Not regulation or stupid laws.

Truth. Wins. Always.

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