How many words have I published?

The other day I was thinking many words have I published this year? 

There are not really any tools / services that calculate how many words I write. I checked! Medium does not even provide analytics like that in their API. 

So I figured I'd do something simple math to provide an estimate...

On my daily blog, I publish once per day, every day. That is between 200-1000 words every day. Let's call it 300 to be on the conservative side. 

300 x 365 = 110,000. 

There is roughly 550 words on a single spaced page. So it'd be about 200 pages. 


I actually write far more than that. You see, I also run a content business where I write between 800-1200 word articles every day. I write roughly two articles a day there.

doing that math...

800*365*2 = 584,000 + 110,000 = 694,000

This is about 1200 pages. Enough for a trilogy! 

Of course, it is much harder to write a coherent book...

But imagine writing a trilogy or two each and every year (this is my second year now). 

How far would that get you?