Less Time

I always used to think having more time would be better. 

I would make the excuse all the time..."I wish I had more time so I could do x." "I wish each day was an extra few hours."

I think this is the natural mindset to adopt.

But an observation I had about my personal workflow is that the more time I have to do a task (or a set of tasks), the less productive I am. 

With more time, I am more likely to move slowly. I am more likely to spend time on things I do not really care about.

With less time, my overall output is greater.

I have more fun. I get more done. Etc.

When there is less time, I sacrifice doing the things I do not really love to do anyways.

I stop going on facebook. I stop checking email. I stop investing my time in auxiliary things for the most part.

With less time, I focus only on the things I care about.

My priorities shine through my day. 

Would adding more time to my day make me happier? I do not think so.