What I Love About Medium

No Bull

What I Love About MediumNo Bull

No Bull

Medium makes it really freakin easy to publish something.

Every blogger should use Medium because it does the one thing no other platform has been able to do:

Put Content First

I’ve tried blogging several times before…But never as consistently and productively as of late (70+ days straight). I credit much of that ‘success’ to the beautiful simplicity of Medium. Medium got a TON right and that it is why you see more and more big time bloggers switching over.

The first thing Medium got right — perhaps the initial assumption they needed to confirm — was that style is extra.I would go as far to say that, for me, style is an excuse for not writing.

What I mean by that is that everything other than my content is just an excuse waiting to happen. There will be one day in the future where I do not want to have to worry about the style of my images or the size of my quotes. Think of those days as lost opportunities to push out content.

That brings me to my second point — content is everything (to me). Medium is a content-first publishing platform. The whitespace complements the words, but does not come before them.

A lot of other platforms get writers, especially new writers, caught up in the logistics of maintaining a blog. Content generators should worry about one thing: content…Not get caught up in comments, moderation, and style.

I believe in a content-first publishing platform — and as of now, Medium is getting us to a world closer to that than anyone else.

Note to self: content rules the internet, do not get caught up in the cat memes.

By jordangonen on May 1, 2016.

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