Lying to myself

Lying is easy - especially lying to yourself. I think that we are all having conversations with ourselves all of the time in our heads. We are playing little movies in our minds. 

And sometimes, we lie. 

We make things up. We convince ourselves that what we are doing is right for a reason that is not true. 

And we know it is not true. 

But we lie to hide the pain or embarrassment or cover a fear. 

I do it all the time - and most of the time, it is hard to catch myself. 

Sometimes it is glaringly obvious - like when I tell myself that I ran 3 miles when it was really only 2.5. This is trivial...right?

Other times it is very small - like when I tell myself that I was super happy today (and tell others), but the reality may be the opposite. 

When I lie to myself, I think I am only hurting myself long term. It is the source of bad behavior. Of fights and false expectations. Lying is bad. 

Being honest with myself is really important not only for ethical reasons but also for personal and professional growth. You cannot improve what you are not honest with. 

Do you lie to yourself? About what?