No push notifications

One thing that I did relatively recently that has helped me think clearer and be more present is turn off the majority off my push notifications. I now only receive alerts for text messages and emails.

And I am debating turning off both of those as well. 

While subtle, this change has really helped me to live in the moment. 

I think so often we are taken away from the present through social media and push notifications that rarely are we fully there. Rarely are we fully immersed in whatever we are doing. 

Our minds are always preoccupied with multiple things at once.

At breakfast, we are worried about lunch. And dinner. And so on.

Turning off push notifications reinforces the idea that most things can wait. 

Most things from my phone are not of high priority, in comparison to whatever it is that I am doing in the moment. 

I wonder how that will evolve as technology continues to become more and more engrained in our lives.