Rabbit Holes

I find myself diving down and getting lost in a number of different "rabbit holes" of the internet.

While normally I do my absolute best to focus on my task at hand...there are often times...probably once or twice a week, where I let my mind wander and follow wherever the keyboard takes me.

Exploring where it takes me is often very interesting.

I find I will often spend 2-3 hours at a time exploring some completely new subject matter - reading through various Wikipedia pages or watching random Youtube videos on 2x speed.

The first reflection is in just pure amazement of how there is just so much anyone can access via the internet.

One moment I am watching a video about Lil Yachty's come up and the next Kobe Bryant's work ethic. Following that, a talk by Greg Brockman of OpenAI and another about Polychain capital.

This is a very special time to be alive, where you can get lost in another reality in just a few hours only to come back to normal directly after.

I think...society often looks down on certain types of rabbit holes. My personal opinion (as is this entire blog): keep finding holes, keep digging, keep exploring.

Keep going. 

There is much interesting content on the internet...who has time for the Facebook feed anymore? Or rather, who wants to spend their time on it?