Staying Curious

As we get older, we tend to ask less questions. We tend to accept the norm. We tend to be comfortable with the norm.

How does this materialize in life?

We end up "settling" for the job we know is not where we want to be. 

We end up sticking to a certain group of people, even though we know there must be more out there.

We get comfortable in our routines, even though we know it would be best to probably break them up.

Why does this happen? As we age, what are we really losing?

I think that this occurrence is merely a result of missed expectations, stark reality, and timing. 

We learn too late that in order to get what we want in life...we must 

a) not lie to ourselves (which most of us do, chronically)

b) ask ourselves really hard questions (which most of us are not confident enough to do)

c) spend time thinking (most of us are too "busy" to do this)

d) be confident with ourselves (this takes years of focusing on)

I have been thinking about that...why is that the case? 

Yes we get tired. But no, I'd argue, we do not lose natural curiosity.

Rather, we, and the society that we inhabit, suppress our curiosity into making choices and decisions we know are not for the best. 

Never settle. This is a note to self.