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The future of augmented reality is sure to be exciting. After all, we've been talking about this "revolution" for years. 

Even in the 1990s, they were saying that we were on the brink of major disruption. 

Good technology takes time. It is just we do not know exactly how long that time will be...

The good news: The barrier to entry to building/releasing augmented reality applications becomes lower and lower, we will continue to see accelerated adoption. But how far off are we from an “augmented future?” And what exactly does that future look like?

There are lots of questions surrounding the implementation of augmented reality into both consumers and enterprises’ everyday lives.


A few friends and I put together a little project: 

ARVisions is THE leading publication for all things augmented reality. We share the coolest stories on things being built, played with, and thought of for Augmented Reality.

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