The people matter most

I wish that job descriptions, instead of just highlighting the role, would also list the manager that you were reporting to. I imagine it would be tough to integrate at scale, but imagine how cool this would be as a job applicant.

You go to a career page and instead of just seeing the generic role also see who your team would be.

You learn about your manager. You learn about their tendencies. Their career. It could even just be a link to their linkedin page. 

Why is this important? 

I believe, as I have learned through some experience, that who you work with dramatically shapes your experience on the job. As an intern, this is even more true, as impressions other people make on you are extremely valuable and formative. 

As I am exploring opportunities for this coming summer, I am extremely cognizant of who it is I would work with.

Working for the best people significantly enhances any experience.

Conversely, working for "not the best people," in the worst of cases, can really ruin an internship opportunity. 

While you can learn in any circumstance, this summer, I want to optimize for the right people :) As well as a variety of other things.