Why You Should Take At Least One Computer Science Course

It will help you a TON

Why You Should Take At Least One Computer Science CourseIt will help you a TON

It will help you a TON

I took my first computer science course during my first semester of Freshman Year (I am an incoming sophomore now). The class was all about an introduction to java and was taught in a lab-based setting where we had to complete objectives every week.

This was an introduction to programming — that was all it was. After taking the class, I could not build whatever I wanted to.

My objective in the course though was not to gain all of these hard skills, rather I wanted to learn how to work with people in CS as well as peak my interest as to how to think like a programmer. I knew that I would never become a senior developer — but I love thinking like one.

And that is why I think everyone should expose themselves, at least once, to taking a computer science class.

It is a great way to begin thinking recursively about problems and give you some perspective into what the mysterious coding world is all about.

There is no better way to understand than to take a class!

You may even like it more, and take another, and another (like I have been).

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