Why You Build

Why You Build

The why is often far more meaningful and insightful than the what.

What you are building is generally transient. It is what you are doing for the time being. But your why reveals your goals. It reveals why you do what you do.

There are no right whys. I do, however, think it is super important to be self aware of your why. It can of course evolve. Being in tune with that why, and constantly checking in on it is extremely important.

You learn over time that your why is far deeper than you may think. To be fulfilled, you often have to dig really deep and satiate the biological level.

“Press” or “fame,” while viable metrics, are often not strong in the long run. You find that those vanity figures do not really fulfill you. They are temporary ego boosts but generally nothing more.

What I’m looking for, I think, is more about creating value for others. Creating a legacy of helping others do something. I am not sure what that something is, but I think the best way to find it is to continually be experimenting and challenging myself.

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By jordangonen on February 3, 2017.

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