Templates for Gmail

Templates for Gmail

It seems like I’m building a new thing more and more often.

Today, Gavin and I are super excited to present a handy chrome extension, http://www.templatesforgmail.com/ for FREE!

TL;DR — will save you tons of time!

Whether you are a marketer, salesperson, recruiter, founder, or someone trying to break into tech — you’ve surely found yourself writing the same types of emails over and over. There are so many better things to be doing with your time!

So we built a super lightweight solution — Templates — that live inside your gmail inbox. In just a few clicks, you can create, customize, and manage all of your templates. Super easy to use and implement in seconds.

The full story: https://medium.com/@jordangonen/how-to-hack-networking-50ee4cb74bf5#.9sbmk3exf

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By jordangonen on February 2, 2017.

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