The Benefits of Going to School NOT on the Coasts

Good O’ l St. Louis

The Benefits of Going to School NOT on the CoastsGood O’ l St. Louis

Good O’ l St. Louis

I go to school at Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTLnews). Because you may not have heard of it: here is a bit about WashU!

Washington University in St. Louis | Washington University St Louis | Best College | US News
2016 Quick Stats Washington University in St. Louis is a private institution that was founded in 1853. It has a total…

The question I normally get from people (after they understand that the school is in St. Louis) is:

How do you like St. Louis? Living in the midwest?

Coming to college was my first experience living in the midwest. I always thought that going to school here, rather than in New York, Penn, Chicago, LA, SF or SEA would be a big disadvantage. I’ve found that in some ways it is, while others it is a HUGE advantage (things I had never thought about).

Let’s start with the disadvantages because they do exist. The first being the weather — the St. Louis has really eh weather. The next big thing is lack of density. I like dense places because the pace of life increases, and with it the flow of communication and more ideas come about !

But now for the insight — why the hell do I think that St. Louis beats Silicon Valley (for college) in many ways.

You see, coming to St. Louis I knew there were many problems with the city. I think everyone knows that if you watch the news every once in a while. I have always looked at that as a disadvantage.

Until I came and found that every flaw is an opportunity to find a solution. As bad as it sounds, coming to a place that is imperfect gives me more chances to make a difference and make an impact. Which brings me to my next point — go to a smaller city.

St. Louis is relatively small. Meaning no person is more than 2 emails away. And that has been so true for me — helping me get internships and plugging me into the city within weeks. It has given me an opportunity to excel, bypass a learning curve, and start talking to people quickly! A city like St. Louis loves determined people and puts them on a platform to succeed.

In Summary — the bad can be the good. Look for the positive’s in the negatives.

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