Time flies

I think a ton about time. My time. Other people's time. How I spend my time. How I invest my time. What I spend my time on. There are endless questions to answer here.

Time is really a funny concept in that it is both infinite as well as finite.

Per our perception, we can only recognize that we have an unlimited amount of time to do whatever we want in life. That perspective only shifts as we age - so it is really hard to appreciate just how scarce time really is. 

I always hear the mantra: "time flies when you are having fun." That is true, time is speeding up for me as the years go by quickly.

But the truth is that time flies no matter what. Whether you are having fun or hating life, time is moving - gaining momentum.

Time does not give a sh*t about your preferences. It does not care if you are enjoying life or sulking in it. It just keeps going. 

My perspective, therefore, is that you might as well make the most of it. Right?