Why Care

The question I keep on finding myself asking is "Why do I even care?" "Is this worth worrying about?" "Should I be spending my time on this?"

While it is quite a cynical question, it is surprisingly valuable. 

I find I get worked up in the details so often that rarely do I step back and see how this affects the long term view.

I also find that a lot of the things I worry about in the short run actually have no long term impacting consequences. 

So why worry?

Well I would probably get far less done in both the short and long term if I completely adopted this "why do I even care" mentality to everything that I do. I would get nothing done in the short run because the truth, I think I am learning, is that the long run is both independent and dependent from your short term actions.

Generally, nothing I can do in one day will change my life forever.

It is rather a string of actions, grouped together, that are able to impact my long term limits.

Conversely, doing nothing in the short run will get me nowhere, because without the short run, I am not sure I can find a long run. 

I think we often worry about if we are doing things right. Less often do we ask ourselves if we should be doing it in the first place. 

It is a challenging personal exercise that questions your self awareness and priorities - but it is one that can save you (and your teams) tons of time in the long run.

It is both a business and personal challenge. 

Ask yourself.

Why are you reading this?