7 Analytics Tools for Every Project You Launch

Data. Data. Data. Data. Data. Data. Data.

7 Analytics Tools for Every Project You LaunchData. Data. Data. Data. Data. Data. Data.

Data. Data. Data. Data. Data. Data. Data.

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The best companies understand how to use data to build and execute incredible strategies. Whether you are an already established, corporate powerhouse or just a small startup fighting to stay alive — numbers should be close to your heart.

Creating an ecosystem where numbers trump opinions is crucial to distilling the truth from opinions.

The truth sells and builds on the conviction of your long term hypothesis. Opinions are really just assumptions waiting to be tested.

The first step in testing any assumption and finding the truth behind it is to configure an experiment that can help you find which features to build next.

To do that, you need numbers. Lots of them.

Luckily, there are now thousands of tools out there to help you better understand your business through data analytics, optimization, and experimentation.

Here are 7 of the absolute best of them:

Google Analytics: Analytics for your website

Google Analytics is a must have for any company or project with a web presence. It is the first thing I install whenever I create a new project and is essential to understanding the customer life cycle.

Owlmetrics Instagram Analytics: Easy to digest analytics for Instagram.

If you are in marketing, you have likely implemented or developed some sort of social media strategy. Whether that is the type of content you want to publish or the cadence you are aiming for — you need numbers to back up and inform your efforts. Many people overlook social media as a place for data — use Owlmetrics to make sure you stay ahead of the curve here.

Kissmetrics : Increase conversion and gain retention

Kissmetrics is a data driven way to understand your customers and quickly engage with them via behavior based emails. The best marketers move swiftly and Kissmetrics is all about testing assumptions rapidly that are backed by data.

Optimizely: A/B Testing Made Easy

As growth people, we all may say we are committed to building experiments and testing assumptions but the reality is that doing so can be hard and very time consuming. Optimizely makes running experiments that much easier — allowing you to do A/B testing in just a few clicks.

Heap: Codeless analytics for web and mobile

Heap is my go to dashboard for anytime I want to get more granular data on how each user is interacting with my product. They provide an extremely easy to integrate portal that helps you track everything that your customers do.

Bitly: Measure your links quickly and easily

Figuring out who is clicking on your links is one of the easiest and best ways to gauge interest from your “fans.” Bitly makes that drop dead simple and in just a few clicks you can turn your links into trackable and identifiable channels.

Fullstory: Session Recording

Understanding and empathizing with the customer journey is crucial to being able to build a great product. Fullstory enables you to do that better than any other solution as they provide literal screen grabs and recordings of your customer’s experience with your product!

I did not want to overwhelm you with tools because — as you know — there are so many out there.

The challenge is rather finding the absolute best tools for you and your team.

What tools do you use for your projects? Let me know!

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