After 8

This essay is a rant, really directed towards the city of San Francisco. I’ll make it clear, this is a petty rant. This is a trivial rant that ignores the real problems in the city.

I want to call attention to the lack of things to do / things open / food options / etc. after 8pm in downtown San Francisco. I walk home every day after work, at around 8pm, and it amazes me, every time, how there is literally nothing open.

Not food. Chipotle is closed!

Not starbucks.

Not a cute little coffee shop.

Nowhere to work. Nowhere to sit and listen to music.

Literally nothing.

How and why is this possible? It is literally a ghost town! Does no one else feel this way? There is some density in the city, right? Would you not expect *some* things to do after 8PM?

Ok…that is it. A short rant highlighting a small but annoying problem. First world problems.

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