Ask for what you want

My life change when I started really asking for what I wanted.

I think we have a tendency as humans to sit back and wait for things to be given to us.

It is the people that go out and try to get what they want. Those are the ones who often end up getting it.

The hard part of course deciding what you do want. That is the hardest part. Aiming yourself so that when you do decide to go out and do something you are headed in the right direction.

I think the “getting it” aspect is actually not that challenging. The problem is that we either:

a – spend so much time on the first part and never actually end up doing anything. We think so much about our end goal before actually doing anything

b – we make up excuses as to not go out and get what we want.

I think step b is where we generally fall short.

“Just do it.”

Often times “going for it” is all that it takes. We overcomplicate decisions with all of these extra variables that do not really contribute to our process.