Bites of Curiosity

I wrote the other day about curiosity and how today’s information density is at an all-time high. While some would argue that curious people in the past had lower hanging fruit to discover, I would argue, like many, that there is infinite work to be done out there.

We just have to find it.

Anyways, in reflecting about chasing my curiosities, I have a few thoughts/questions:

1 – What makes someone curious? Can you teach it? Can you force it? Is it the environment or are people born with an innate desire to ask more questions and explore more things?

2 – Is everyone curious on the inside they just have to find what really sticks? Or can you motivate people in a certain way?

Another thing I have been thinking about is just how helpful/interesting listening to podcasts has been for exploring and sparking new ideas.

Podcasts are “bites of curiosity.” I’d say they have played a massive role in helping form my world view, especially as of late as I have been listening to literally tons and tons of them.

Here is my recipe and why I think they work: 

If you want to spread out your “T” and explore lots of random things, listen to podcasts. Listen to podcasts while you are walking to class, on the train to work, cooking a meal. Devour podcasts. Listen on 1.5x speed.

It does not matter what type of podcasts you start with. Listen to fantasy, business, sports, whatever you want. But switch things up.

Listen to interviews, stories, shows, recaps, news, etc.

Podcasts are transient. You can pause one and switch to another without feeling bad about it.

I listen to like 15 podcasts a week. I grind through them. I love interviews in particular, as I basically get to have coffee with an expert in the field.

Are podcasts really productivity? Maybe. Maybe not. They are basically half entertainment/half interesting. But I do not consider “podcasts” as work.

Then what are they?

They are sparks.

Podcasts are mind igniters.

They are conversation starters.

They are miniature books with tiny lessons and nuance that drives home meaning.

I do not listen to podcasts to check off a list. I listen to podcasts for fun. But they also happen to drive home tons of value for me.

Bites of curiosity. Try one. 🙂