Over the past few years, I have now published 1000+ essays on this blog. 1000! One thing I am really curious about, especially as I am putting together a “personal curriculum,” is how are my essays linked? In other words, I’d love to see a high-level summary of the themes of my writing over time.

What I am getting at is the idea that my mind wanders thematically. Much like nature, I go through mental seasons. And even within seasons, there is great variation between my style of content. Surely now I have written about the same types of topics over and over. A few thematic ideas that come to mind are self-awareness, productivity, and decision making. 

In exploring these various spaces, I have learned a ton about how I think and view the world. This view has also changed greatly over time and I would love to see how it is evolved. 

So what is the point of this essay? 

Well…it is my first stab – of at least acknowledging – at a future project of mine. I’d like to make a mind map of the topics and see how often I have written about them and perhaps correlate them to events in my life. 

Perhaps I should be writing more fiction or poetry etc. 

I’ll find a way to automate this too so I am not manually (myself) digging through 1000+ posts. 

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