Culture Compounds

I spent the past few days visiting my brother and a few friends at Duke University. Duke is a really special place. I think the level of education and intelligence of the students is comparable to most other top-tier schools, but what makes it particularly unique is the cultural togetherness and pride of the student-body. 

It is certainly hard to describe “cultural togetherness,” as it is moreso one of those things that you just “feel” and begin to believe as you experience it. 

I think it may be easier to describe the contrary effect – the feeling of isolation. You walk into a company, a basketball practice, or a campus and I think, pretty quickly, you can tell the nature of the culture. It is an aroma in the air. Are people energetic or lethargic? Are they excited? Are they slouching? What are they talking about? 

Energy, and thereby culture, compounds in nature. It spreads virally between individuals and teams and affects everything within an organization. 

What I can say is brilliant about Duke is that their world-class basketball team unites and amplifies the energy of the school.

This is a special phenomenon that is rare and very rewarding.

What other contexts have such a powerful driver of togetherness?

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