Disrupt Cards Update

Hey All! If you did not already know, a few weeks ago my two friends and I launched Disrupt Cards.

It is a cards against humanity style card game that makes fun of all the good and bad parts about the tech world.

The cards have finally made it to customers hands in the past week or so and people are absolutely loving it! The game is perfect for you and your friends that are designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, VCs, marketers, or anyone else in the tech industry. It makes for a great gift for the holidays 🙂

Know any coworking spaces, hackathons, or conferences that you think would love this game? Send them our way!

You can purchase the game here.

This journey has been an incredible ride. I am definitely going to be writing stories about this adventure a few weeks from now. But for now, our focus is getting the game into more people’s hands.

I really appreciate any support you can give us! Means a ton. And I look forward to hearing your feedback.