Entering the Scene

I am convinced that Silicon Valley is the largest smallest place in the world. From the outside, things are scary and confusing. From the inside, however, it seems as if things are *too* small and no one you want to speak with is more than an email or text message away. I am by no means “on the inside,” I am still the random kid from Arizona.

“The scene” describes this situation perfectly. PMarca talks about this concept in this podcast.

“It’s an amazing coincidence that when there’s a new artistic movement, there’s a scene around it.” The scene = the collision space (things HAPPEN when you’re in the scene). As an artist, aim to get yourself into the scene/mix.

Ex. – Most of the best movies get made in L.A. Ex. – Many startups are centered in Silicon Valley

The Matthew Effect: Recognition begets recognition. Success begets success. Reputation begets reputation

Get yourself into the scene with an AWESOME product and promote the shit out of it

I think entering the scene is a scary yet highly rewarding endeavor. When you are in the scene, especially one that is “out of your league,” things are hard and you are growing really really fast. But it is perhaps the best way to get what you want.