Financial Education

I think there is a big opportunity for companies (or people) to help bring about financial awareness and general education about personal finance. This an area, seemingly, where the gap between “educated” and “uneducated” people (in terms of knowledge of personal finance) is only seeming to grow.

I know from experience. I have tons of questions about where to invest, which credit cards to use, etc. The wild thing is that I know there are real, tangible answers to all of these questions.

There are right answers out there. I just do not have them.

I do not have them because I am not a good enough filter of information. If you google personal finance tips etc. you will find a bunch of junk leading you to buy something. I need someone I can trust with my interest in mind.

Which banks should I use? What types of investments should I be thinking about? Where am I spending too much money and where am I perhaps underspending?

Financial awareness is also a massive problem for me. I know I have written about this before, I fall under the circumstance of a) I pay for everything myself and b) I do not know how much I spend a month.

Do you?

Do you know your monthly budget? What about your minimum viable monthly budget?

If you had to save up…what is the least you would need to spend to survive? Is that improving over time or increasing? Why?

These are the questions I know have real answers too that are just barely out of reach. I need to invest in learning to invest. I need to invest in understanding my financial situation better so I can make decisions with more complete and perfect information.

This is a simple, yet powerful way to get more of my freedom back. Perhaps I blog about it. Perhaps not. Let’s see! šŸ™‚

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