How do you come up with what to write ?

I get this question a couple of times a week:

“How do you come up with what to write every day?”

I wrote the answer to this question a few months ago; I thought I’d circle back to it.

In that post, I write the very simple truth:

“I just write.” 

A lot of people are looking for maybe a more complex or surprising methodology but the truth is that I have none.

Essentially a lot of my day is spent consuming information. I love learning and I do that in a lot of different ways — reading stories and talking to people. Perhaps I do this more than most people, but I find that I absorb a lot of thoughts (topics) after a day. And those thoughts are the ones that I write about.

I know my blog posts are not the best things in the world. Some of them are short. Most of them are half-baked and contain some sort of typo. But that is okay.

My goal is not to be the world’s best writer. My goal is to “exercise” my mind every single morning. And the simple practice of sitting down, opening up my laptop, and letting my mind wander and fingers type is extremely valuable to me. I have seen incredible results as a byproduct of just writing every single day.

Now I wish I could help you more, because I really believe that doing anything every single day can be valuable.

I share in this post how it is that you can start a daily blog today. The main idea there being to just cut out all possible distractions and just start doing it. But it does not have to be writing ~ it can be anything. Going to the gym. Ping pong. Cooking.

Whatever it is ~ find a potential passion ~ and chase it. Not much more to it.