If you had more time

If you had more time

If you had more time, what would you do with it?

I am learning more and more that sleep is important. But imagine that, somehow, we could operate entirely without it. You were just granted an extra 8 or so hours every single day to be awake. How would you spend it?

  • learning?
  • working?
  • partying?
  • eating?

The cool thing: there are so many possibilities.

The bad thing: it raises the bar. Everyone now has more time. Following economic theory — given more time — someone out there will work more. Meaning we’d all, if we wanted to keep up, have to up the # of hours we put in a day.

So how would i spend it?

I would spend it the same way I spend my time today — chasing my curiosities. Today, that’d probably mean working on some more projects, finding more time to travel, and going out with friends more. I would probably also read more.

There are no right answers to this question. But it is interesting to think about. Especially when we take it a step further. Now imagine this scenario was not so imaginary. Imagine I just somehow saved you 4 hours of your day. For instance, spring break (which starts in a few days) means I do not have class. AKA I have extra time…

How would you spend it?

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By jordangonen on March 8, 2017.

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