Introducing IntroSender

The easiest way to make an introduction

The easiest way to make an introduction

There is a big difference between the “real work” we do and the “work” that eats up the majority of our days. Whenever I catch myself consumed with the latter, I remind myself of what is really important. Why I am doing what I am doing.

Scheduling. Emails. Organizing. Cleaning. Setting up processes.

That is my “work” that distracts me from my “real work.” How much of your day is spent working on the things you find important? I think most of us would admit that we spend more time than we would like on things we do not really care much about.

The good news: intelligent technology will enable us to automate processes that we are sick of doing over and over — that way, we can spend more time on what we care about.

Today we’re launching a tool that automates a process many of us spend too much time on: sending introduction emails between people we know.

We all like to be helpful, but the “process” of making an introduction is unnecessarily lengthy and easy to mess up. Playing with BCCs, getting opt-ins, etc. are things no one enjoys doing.

So, we built a super simple tool called IntroSender

Built by Jacob Schein and Me

It is really easy to use:

1. Enter details about the people you want to intro 🕺

2. Customize and confirm your email introduction content 📝

3. Let us make the introduction if Person 1 confirms 🚀

If Person 1 Confirms (Yes), the introduction email will be sent!

If Person 2 Denies, you’ll get an email with a reason why!

Let us know what you think! As always, appreciate the support 🙂

Note: Yes — This is definitely a niche product. Some people may find this super useful and a big time saver. Some of you may not find particularly useful to your everyday life. I get it 🙂 That said, it was definitely fun putting this together over the past week and have learned a lot from it. Thanks for the support

We’re also on Product Hunt (would love your support):

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