Introducing Pouch👝

Access/Search your Google Drive files from your bookmarks bar

Introducing Pouch👝Access/Search your Google Drive files from your bookmarks bar

Access/Search your Google Drive files from your bookmarks bar

As someone who depends on a number of different tools to get my work done on a day to day basis, I have always been fascinated by finding ways to become even 1% more efficient with my workflows.

Whether I am working on my own personal projects or interning at a big company, I always try and find the optimal balance of services and processes to best increase my productivity.

In aiming for that, I often find myself trying to cut out parts of my “work-system” that I find unnecessary/boring/inefficient. There are so many auxiliary parts to the modern work environment, that we often spend an incredible amount of time on work that is only designed to support our important work; i.e: the work we actually care about.

One inefficiency I recently noticed, among my coworkers/peers, as well as in my own workflow, was that I was spending a stupid amount of time switching between tabs and searching for information.

My bookmarks bar was always full. My tabs were all over the place.

And…most annoying of which…I kept opening the same services over and over. Over the course of a single day, I found myself opening and closing google drive 30+ times!

So…my friends (Jacob and Tyler) and I figured there must be a better way.

So we made Pouch 👝

It is a simple, free chrome extension that allows you to easily access/search your google drive files — all from your bookmarks bar.

You can also easily copy and paste links to your files!

The whole idea with Pouch is that we can erase the need for you to constantly juggle through tabs and services looking for your information. Starting with Google Drive (and Dropbox), you can access all of the relevant information you need without ever having to leave your productive state.

So which integrations do you think we should build next?

We’re also on Product Hunt, would appreciate your support 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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By jordangonen on November 28, 2017.

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