The Value of Startups and College

entrepreneur mag thanks

The Value of Startups and Collegeentrepreneur mag thanks

entrepreneur mag thanks

The other week…something really cool happened. I was quoted in this article by Josh Steimle:

7 Reasons to Start a Business While in College
I started my business in 1999 while a student in college. There were pros and cons, but I’m largely thankful for the…

Here’s my part :

“There is no better way to accelerate your growth than to build a company”

You learn more in the real world business setting than you could ever learn in the classroom. And that holds true in any industry, in any position. I strongly encourage you get involved with or start your own company if you are interested in entrepreneurship. Because no matter how many presentations you end up watching about the lean startup model, you will never be able to truly simulate the ups and downs of a business life.

Though — I think not everyone should try and become a founder. In fact, most people should not. So what should they do?

I have taken, what I consider to be, the next best thing to starting a company while in college. I recommend getting involved in a fast-growing company. That does not mean you have to found it. But rather become a part of it. You will learn a lot of what to and not to do just by joining in on the action.

So find a company you believe in — one that is solving a really hard, important problem and add as much value as you freaking can.

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