Introducing StartupSift

A Search Engine for Breakout Startups

A Search Engine for Breakout Startups

Breaking into the world of technology can feel much like sitting alone at the middle school lunch table trying to make new friends. The whole process is anxiety-provoking and confusing.

The most common advice I hear from friends, mentors and peers is to simply “go out of my comfort zone and just reach out to new people.” We all know, however, that is far easier said (and written about in Medium posts) than actually done.

More than intimidating, I have found that it can be extremely challenging for those without prior networks in the community to even know where to start.

Where should I apply for jobs? What types of companies should be thinking about joining? Where are the opportunities and are there even roles for me?

And we all know the struggle of the job/internship search. We open up a hundred tabs, twenty different career pages and spend hours researching, cold-emailing and filling out forms.

All to find the perfect job! We think…

The problem, though, does not stem from a lack of open positions. A quick Google Jobs’ search will lead you to thousands of listings.

Rather, at a high level, the challenge is finding career opportunities that align with your specific criteria and set you up for both the short and long-term.

It is for this reason, among others, that serial technologists, when posed with the question of “where should I go work” often answer with something along the lines of: “a breakout company.” You want to join a rocket-ship.

If you are young and want to have an impact, you want to be in an industry where there is a lot of growth and change and flux and opportunity.

Marc Andreessen

Arani (Ron), Jacob Schein, Sachin Kesiraju, Jared Zoneraich and I figured there must be a better way to help aspiring professionals query the world’s startup data — making it more relevant and useful.

The team at Breakout List, for instance, does a great job providing a list of “breakout” companies that are on the rise.

Inspired by their list, we decided to build a search engine for sifting through high-potential startups. You can filter by a number of criteria (location, last funding round, # of employees, etc.) to find the perfect company.

Search through thousands of high-growth companies to find high-potential career opportunities in specific fields / industries.

This is certainly an early iteration of what we believe to be a super powerful/interesting resource for people “breaking in” to the world of technology.

We’re featured live on Product Hunt and would love your support.

Please reach out if you have any feedback and share with anyone you think would get value from it!