A while back, I started a daily journal where I would record private notes and log things I do every day. These personal entries are separate from my daily blog.

Back in 2016, I started this habit and went for something like 200 days in a row. At one point or another, though, I stopped. 

And then, a month back or so, I started it up again. 

I used to use Evernote’s notebook feature to organize my “daily notes,” but I have recently switched my entire life into Notion (more on that another day). 

So I’m back (for the past month or so) writing daily entries for my personal journal. 

It is amazing looking back on posts from three years ago…seeing my excitement, naivete, jaded-ness, and once strongly held opinions materialize. 

I journal to become more aware of myself. But also to become a better synthesizer of information. 

I think journaling is a small but powerful habit that can unlock compounding returns.

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