Launching Projects

Hitting that publish button is exhilarating. It gets me every time.

It does not matter whether I am launching a project or a story, whatever it is ~ I love getting things out to users. It is that magical feeling of excitement, the crazy idea that someone else is spending their time on something that I have made or contributed to.

Woah. Kinda crazy to think about. That people are willing to spend their personal time, which I think is their most valuable asset, on a random thing I spun up. That is humbling.

In 2016, you can launch your product in a host of different ways. That is the beauty of it. The internet and technology has democratized the way to which you can go about shipping off your product.

Some methods require loads of cash. But the good news is that there are many things you can do off the books to hustle and make a splash on your launch day.


Don’t know where to go from here? This blog post has some great tips you can implement for launching your product on a budget.