Magnitude Correctness

In the past, I have published about the importance of being directionally correct. Today, I will explore a tangentially related peice: magnitude correctness.

Magnitude correctness, a rather silly phrase, refers to “how hard you are swinging.” It is the boldness metric. It reveals how big your ambitions around a topic or idea or thing really are.

If you want high magnitude, you would ask questions like “how does this become one of the most important companies of our generation?”

These are home-run swings that require a certain level of ambition and boldness to tackle. It also takes some naïveté to suppose one can tackle some massive challenge.

In my experience, both magnitude and directional correctness are impactful components of your mindset. People often only get one of them right and end up disappointed with the results.

Important to share both lenses when approaching a new venture for your life.

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