One Sentence

This story is about the value of presenting ideas concisely.

One SentenceThis story is about the value of presenting ideas concisely.

This story is about the value of presenting ideas concisely.

So many startups never seem to get this part right.

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Working in Venture Capital, I get to see a ton of deal flow and company pitches. And what continues to surprise/alarm me is the number of founders who fail to explain what their company. I cannot tell you the number of times I have seen an entire presentation without understanding what the hell the guy/girl was talking about.

Some startups underestimate the task of fundraising — and it becomes even harder when investors do not know what your company does. You have to do everything you can to make it as easy possible for the investor.

Simply put: investors do not care about the colorful keynotes, they want to understand as quickly and simply as possible:

Chris Sacca: wears cool shirts

Most people are short on time. Investors have no time. So spend the time you have with them explaining what your product does — not necessarily how you do it. The magic behind the scenes can be explained briefly, but no need to go into extreme detail.

What is important is the baseline — the one sentence summary of your company.

Just wanted to make a public note to myself so that next time I walk into a room with investors:

Make it easy for them to understand what I do.

There is value/skill to precisely describing something concisely. It is not easy. But if you can do it well, you will spend less time with people who are not interested in your product and more time building. And who doesn’t like building?

By jordangonen on April 14, 2016.

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