School Starts

School Starts

I just returned back to college for my second semester of my sophomore year.

I’m reminded by a blog post I wrote some 6 months ago. It was a simple reflection of my freshman year. Writing, for me, has always been an exercise for my mind. But one of the great externalities of writing every single day has been the ability to look back with nostalgia at my former thinking.

It’s not that myself some 6 months ago was wrong. But better, I was perhaps naive. Some of what I said, however, still stands and are things I still believe in.

But documenting my journey, or at least my thought process has been quite the memory trip.

This is the quote that really stuck out to me most:

While the classes were good — I learned a lot of new things — I cannot emphasize enough how valuable the people are at school.

You may never in your life find a more valuable group of people — do not waste a day and live to the fullest!

I still think that is completely true. I still believe that the people are the ones who really can make college special. I do not think that it is the quantity, but rather the depth of the individuals that you surround yourself with.

I hope to have many unique experiences this semester. Definitely going to make it count.

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